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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidate Debates

This is a youtube playlist of videos that is the complete democratic presidential candidate debates held in New Hampshire by CNN.

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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse 08/01/07

What a Day. And then you get a reminder of how fragile life is.
This is raw helicopter footage with no sound from Minneapolis. My friend Michael and his family are ok.

Australian news article about priest attacking skateboarders

Priest suspended over foul-mouthed outburst | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

I can tell you that skateboarding culture has a strong beleif in exposing hypocrisy . I do beleive they can take it to the extreme. I have always been led to beleive that a "man of god" a priest was capable of the greatest tolerence and respect even for his "enemies". I don't know if these kids have done a service to their community but they have exposed some hypocrisy.

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Priest punches and curses skateboarders in Australia

WARNING: this gets ugly. Lots of vile cursing but mostly from the priest!! Its amazing that in this video we see a priest exhibit homophobia, extreme nationalism, racism, and violent behaviour. Scary to think that he has been leading a community. My understanding is that he has been dismissed. I will try to find some news about it. NPR ran a blurb on it.
I have to say that the skateaboarders didn't exactly turn the other cheek though. As you can see they continue to taunt him and rile him up. I know they were seeing how far they could make him go. People have to remember that kids have to LEARN respect. Someone has to teach them properly. This guy is not a good candidate to do that for sure! I think god would have been excited to see the grace and beauty of skateboarding from his front steps but i guess the priest didn't think so.