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Sunday, July 15, 2007

More of the story as told by Little Rock TV

Today's THV - KTHV Little Rock News Article

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Update on Skater's in Hot Springs

Watch the video in the link below and look at the people who are protesting the skateboarders.

They have resorted to calling the skateaboarders names. These kids could be doing drugs or stealing things or worse but they aren't while they are skateboarding anyway and in a public place where people can keep an eye on them. I can't beleive that the anti-skateboarder sentiment still runs so hot so many years after I skated.

These kids are individualists that choose a physical activity, a sport to occupy their time. They should be rewarded and commended for their talent and grace with a great skatepark right downtown where everyone can come and watch. They are an inspiration to people to get up off their fat butts and do something!

Skaters and supporters protest officer's reinstatement - FOX16.com

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Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas

Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested.

There is a big debate about this video. Fact is that this cop was way over the top. it's obvious in the video that most of these kids were cooperating and that if there was any "resisting" it was verbally only. These kids were making a statement. Their parents should be proud that they felt the need to stand up against something they felt was injust (the city ordinance that prohibits skateboarding downtown.) They chose the newly formed National Skateboarding Day as their day to try and bring light to what they beleive in.

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