Hi everyone! My name is Rusty Coonfield and here is my BLOG. That's short for "weblog" to you. Kind of like an online journal which may or may not include subjects like: how to use a Macintosh computer, cool and useful websites, new technologies, photos of outdoor pursuits and my family and friends. Please add you comments and have fun! -Rusty

Monday, December 06, 2004

My 1st Audio Blog

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Hello and welcome to my blog

Thanks for checking me out. Hopefully you'll find something interesting or useful or who knows.

Blogging is definitely a new thing for me and I am not sure that blogger.com is the best way to go but it is easy and can teach me the ins and outs of blogging. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the jargon - a Blog is short  for Weblog. As the name suggests a blog is kind of like a hyper-active hyper-linked journal for the new millenium. They are a place for people to log their web experiences or more dramaticaly refered to as your "digitial life" as opposed to your real life. The two certainly interact but some folks spend more time living in the digital world than the real one.

One of the cool ideas about a blog is the chance for folds to interact on posts by the host blogger (thats me to you currently). You can type in the little box and make a comment about this very post that I am writing right now and then someone else can come along and post their thoughts and this discussion is open for everyone to contribute to and saved in bits for possibly forever. Great relationships can be built this way. Indeed one blog I visited recently made a point of putting on weekly partys for contributers to her blog - a blog party - get it? I suppose hardcore bloggers must make the occasional foray into the real world at least to keep up appearances!

Actually blogging has been called the "CB radio" of the new millenium and as far as I can tell that parallel could be acurate. It is becoming quite mainstream - not just for geeks anymore. I mean hey - I don't think I have ever fit the classic geek stereotype. I like to think of myself as a "millenium rennaissance man".

So drop a comment and maybe you would even consider picking up the latest squak box and breaking for you good buddy rustycoon. I'll give you my 10-20 just for the asking. Seriously it took me longer to write this post than to set up this blog! Or just leave all the geek stuff to me but dust the rust off those fingers and let's communicate here right now!

Until later compadres I'm 10-7 on the flipside and we're gone Ba Bye....

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