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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


"Dumbass" A Pileated Woodpecker that flew in today to cruise our trailer with his mate: "Mate of Dumbass". Dumbass because he (or she) has been completely infatuated with his/her own reflection in our mirrored windows. DA spent about 5 hours perched on one or other windows of the trailer today. He/She is sitting right behind me not 1.5 feet away on the other side of the glass as I write this!
Dumbass - yes but what a treat to observe a pileated woodpecker up close!

Weekend Fun in Florida Report

A trip to World of Orchids begat the addition of "Ollie" the Orchid to our household. Ollie is a runt but with tremendous beauty.

Saturday. An evening trip to Fun Spot in Orlando to ride the Ferris Wheel after seeing Lords of Dogtown the movie.

Sunday. 250 Miles of exploring East Central Florida started with a trip to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the Mermaids. Beware $10 xtra and good hassle to snorkel in the main spring! Afterword a trip down the coast to find a good beach started with Hudson Beach (below) and ended at Honeymoon Island State Park to watch a spectacular sunset while standing in the super warm Gulf of Mexico.