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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Obama Evil or does Human Nature make him seem that way?

I have been hearing a whole lot in the news lately with a certain spin about Obama. Humans have a tendency to take news about something that is a potential threat and "spin and carry" that news to others. The mainstream media is guilty of this. 

It is human nature to frenzy around a threat (perceived or real) and blow things out of proportion, and I'm not saying "human nature" is an excuse. "Human Nature" describes many bad habits that come from our genes - that are instincts for survival. Unlike dogs and other animals that we perceive as not being self aware we do not have an excuse for acting on our instinctual primal urges. What makes us Human is that we can recognize those instincts as limitations that do not have a place in our modern culture and move past them.

So any way, I have endeavored to find out the truth about Obama.
Here is a funny video chronicling some of the "spin" about Obama and the best part - his actual words that refute the rumors and negative hype.



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