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Thursday, March 17, 2005

1st Solo!

Larissa soloed!
For you land lubbers that means that she flew an airplane all by herself today - solo. She fledged the nest and has reached her first major milestone in becoming a pilot. It is a day that she will not soon forget. Every pilot remembers their first solo. Afterwords, in a tradition that has lasted since the beginning of aviation, Larissa lost her shirt! At least part of it anyway was cut from her to be hung up and displayed for all to see in the flight school. Other than seeing a great person and friend reach this milestone what made today that much more special for me as a flight instructor was the fact that Larissa was my first student to take from zero time up to soloing. Good luck Larissa. Today was as special for me as it was for you!


Anonymous bob mackey said...

Congratulations to both Larissa and Rusty. May all your flights
go as planned.

12:38 AM

Anonymous phaedraman said...

congratulations!! you seem to be living life the way you wanted to atleat, so I feel.
Do you think you can help me build a fuel cell in the laboratory for project purposes? I am trying lot of websites but they have no clue or no response.thanx

2:02 AM


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