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Coonfield - Akin 016

Coonfield - Akin 016

These are proofs of photos taken by Scott Campbell & his team.

If you see one you like go back to the first thumbnail page and download the order form, print it, then write down the picture's number (shown above) on the form. Order as many prints as you like! Pricing info is on the form.


Caption: 20050324Coonfield_Akin023 Coonfield-Akin
Date: February 16, 2005
City: Pacific Grove
State: California
Country: USA
Author: Scott Campbell
Copyright: Scott Campbell Photography

Exposure mode: aperture priority (semi-auto)
Metering Mode: matrix
Exposure time: 0.017 s (1/60)
Aperture: f/1.4
Exposure bias: -0.33
Focal length: 50.0mm (35mm equivalent: 75mm)
ISO: 100
Flash: Yes (Strobe light detected)
File size: 153841 bytes
File date: May 3, 2005 14:20:11
Camera model: NIKON D2X
Shooting date: March 24, 2005 16:09:19
Resolution: 432 x 287


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