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Some of the Best of Helitack 2004

DSC01408_1 DSC01412_1 DSC01413_1
DSC01457_1 DSC01459_1 DSC01467_1
Short-Haul Training--2004_0847_1 DSC01538_1 DSC01568_1
DSC01571_1 DSC01573_1 DSC01574_1
DSC01592_1 DSC01594_1 DSC01595_1
DSC01606_1 DSC01607_1 DSC01608_1
DSC01641_1 DSC01643_1 DSC01644_1
DSC00013_1 DSC01663_1 DSC01666_1
DSC02895_1 DSC02899_1 DSC02952_1
DSC02953_1 DSC02962_1 DSC02964_1

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